Benoit Paré  |  Μπενουα Παρέ


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Benoit Paré is an artist painter, living in Greece since 1986. Beyond painting, he has also involved himself in engraving, wall painting, byzantine art, graphic arts, stage-design, portraits, advertising and illustration (books, magazines, newspapers and the Internet). As a painter he has shown his work in eight individual exhibitions in Greece and in Paris. He has also participated in group exhibitions in Greece, France, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, the Netherlands, Canada and the USA. He works with Fine Arts Kapopoulos gallery, Greece. Athens, Greece.

This website has been developed with 3 differents ways, Jquery Full Screen Galery for the most of canvas, then Simpleviewer for the small ones, and Easyzoom script for the Triptychs.

In the about/contact pages I have embed 'Disqus' a discussion plugin for comments... and in the Events page I used a Flow images plugin.